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  1. Which tax returns are filed online?
    Timely filed initial income tax returns regarding income earned during the previous year.
  2. When are tax returns filed?
    Deadline for filing tax returns is usually on June 30, unless the Ministry of Finance decides for an extension.
  3. What are the filing requirements for an online tax return?
    Tax payer must issue personal access codes and an authenticator key. Personal codes consist of two words, user name and password.
  4. How many access codes are required in order to file a joint tax return for married couples?
    Only one access code is required (the husband's).
  5. How can I issue an access code?
    Log in using the following link in order to read in detail how to issue an authenticator key and access codes for Taxisnet.
  6. Can tax payers change their codes?
    Yes, it is mandatory when codes are first used and at any other time. But only password can be modified.
  7. In what cases no access code is granted during a registration request?
    When one has already been issued and when personal information stated in the registration request are not consistent with those kept at the competent Tax Authority.
  8. What if I forget my codes?
    You can contact the authority that is competent for Τaxisnet and receive new codes at the designated email.
  9. What if I am denied issue of access codes?
    Check the validity of personal information in the registration request:
    If your personal information is correct, you must contact the Registrar Department of the competent Tax Authority so that information kept there are corrected and then, file a new registration request.
    If your personal information is wrong, you must fill in and file a new registration request with the correct personal information which is filed again.
  10. How to file a tax return online?
    Via the Internet. You must select the relevant website (www.gsis.gr) and enter tax return information. Once you have entered all information, you may check, correct and print the tax return. Then, you can file your tax return or save it and file it later. Saving your tax return does not equal to filing. Successful filing of the tax return is confirmed by receiving a reception protocol number. The filed tax return can be printed. On top of the printout, there is the reception protocol number certifying that the tax return was successfully received.
  11. Advantages of filing a tax return online
    - Avoid queues, save time and money.
    - The system helps you to avoid any mistakes.
    - The tax return is automatically assessed.
    - You can find out the amount to be refunded or paid before final sending of the tax return.
    - Print out the tax return and the tax assessment letter immediately.
    - The tax assessment letter can be used for any legal purpose.
    - Get a tax refund quickly.

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