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In order to comply with the rules stipulated by the management, to secure the company's assets, to prevent and identify management anomalies and mistakes, to assure accuracy and completeness of accounting books and records and to timely prepare reliable financial information, our company provides audit services itself (internal audits), or through renowned associates (external audits).

We perform the following audits:

Internal audits

Control of all cash flow and offsetting entries, liabilities to the State and social security organizations, payroll, correspondence between bank accounts, fixed assets and depreciations are performed as well as sampling auditing of the warehouse, the clients-suppliers, the sales ledger-purchase-ledger. Furthermore, Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Allocation of Results), income tax returns, Board of Directors and General Meeting minutes are audited.

It is audited whether an action is legal, approved and stipulated in accordance with the accepted accounting principles and the Greek General Accounting Plan.

Alternatively, the scope of the audit may be limited to one of the said items or a sampling audit of the above may be performed.

External audits

In collaboration with renowned and certified auditing firms we can organize and support the external audit of a company so that the implementation of all auditing standards regarding specific requirements of state bodies, if required by law or is provisionally applied by the businessman.

Following any auditing procedure, a relevant report is delivered to the Management.

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