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Below you can find some of the reasons why collaborating with us is essential

  1. Because you need someone to advise you to make the best choice regarding income and asset management so that you get the best results at minimum cost.
  2. Because this allows you to monitor revenue and expense of your business, make business decisions and provisions for the future.
  3. Because this allows you to monitor collection and payments and calculate the amount of money needed in the future.
  4. Because this allows you a better management of income and expenses, monitor receivables and pending payments, prepare a cash flow table that will help you know whether you should apply for a business loan and when.
  5. Because this allows you to compare your Balance Sheet and your Financial Results with similar businesses and evaluate your business' financial course.
  6. Because we can help you achieve your business goals preventing at the same time any negative consequences.
  7. Because we can help youchoose the appropriate legal form for your business at minimum management and tax cost.
  8. Because collaboration with us offers status and reliability to your business in transactions with third parties and furthermore, we commit to prompt representation of financial and tax information as well as the validity of resulting information.
  9. Because we have proven knowledge and experience regarding compliance with and application of Financial and Accounting principles and Tax legislation.
  10. Because calculating, payroll and human resources management is not simple and furthermore, appropriate payroll management will allow you to file all statements under labor and tax legislation correctly and find out methods for better HR management and labor cost reduction.
  11. Because we are certified by the Economic Chamber of Greece, the Ministry of Finance and General Secretariat for Information Systems-taxisnet (www.gsis.gr) for professional adequacy and level of scientific knowledge.
  12. Because we constantly follow developments in changes in Finance and Accounting, in Tax legislation and technological applications of GSIS www.gsis.gr adjusting the provision of our services preventing any unpleasant surprises for the entrepreneurs and the tax payers.
  13. Because we assume the responsibility of correctly filling in and filing of your tax statements calculating any taxes with accuracy and validity.
  14. Because you need someone to advise you and help you in tax planning for you, your family and your business so that you can avoid any additional taxes and surcharges.
  15. Because we can help you separate personal from business expenses and identify which ones are discounted.
  16. Because it is always easier and without any cost to do things correctly from the beginning than trying to correct them later wasting more time and money.
  17. Because otherwise you will have to find time forpersonal and business financial and accounting issues and tax management, stay informed about constant changes in legislation often having to pay the price.
  18. Because some companies are obliged by law to have their Financial Statements signed by an Accountant. If you have an SA or a LLC, you are obliged by law to publish your company's Financial Statements and notify them to the competent state authorities signed by a certified Accountant.
  19. Because you are obliged by law to have your tax statements signed by an Accountant.
  20. Because appropriate accounting management allows you to file all tax statements correctly avoiding any fines and surcharges.
  21. Because if you don't have an accountant, you will have to spend money to use an accounting program that will give you the possibility to perform all tasks under law and to monitor your business' income-expenses.

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